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Down 155 pounds, Healed of 29 diseases! Life is Great! Keto Diamond on YT

It's my pleasure to teach others everything I know about keto for free!! 

"in 3 yrs I went from Applying for Disability to being able to go back to work on 12 hour, heavy lifting, heavy moving Shifts!" 

Keto has the potential to save millions of lives, just like it did for me. That's why I teach you everything I know about keto for free. (My Journey)
(You can chose to support my efforts if you want to make donations)
You don't need anything to start keto except knowledge and the groceries you chose to buy . 
Keto is
50% Knowledge and
50% Groceries. 
*Easy Step by Step
Beginners Guide*
What you Need to know before you start Keto
*My complete Keto Food List!
includes foods to avoid
Simple Keto Meals
*Keto Q & A*
*All my Keto Knowledge*
Electrolyte imbalance
The importance of Magnesium
Artificial Sweeteners/Sugar
What does Keto Cure?
Fat & Protein & Keto
Is keto Dangerous?
Finding Will Power
The Scale:  The truth!
Skin Care: Weight Loss
Keto Challenges & Struggles
(Any products you see here are just helpful suggestions, not necessities!)
*Products I find useful*
Keto T-Shirts Designed by Me,  Keto Diamond!
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