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July 28th 2017           
Start weight 311.8
Latest weight 156.4
Current Total Loses: 155.4 pounds
220 Inches Lost
(20.4 FEET of body fat gone)
Now in a Size 4 pants!
What has keto done for me?
Other than wonderful weight loss..
I had terrible sinus and allergy problems that plagued me every day for 20 years!
I had a constant daily cough. Sinus and ear infects 7 or 8 times every year. I only felt alive on antibiotics. 
I had heart burn, acid, and bad gas all the time for the last 5 yrs. A pain in my side that wouldn't let me get comfortable. 
My back hurt so bad I couldn't stand or walk for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. 
I was a sleep walker, there were alarms on all our door to wake me.
I had exploding head syndrome, every time I would fall asleep I would hear a woman scream, gun shots, explosions, car crashes. 
I had sleep apnea that required a machine to sleep.
Right before I started keto, my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest with any physical activity. I was told by doctors that I had had "a significant heart event" but I didnt go back to find out what kind. 
These are just the problems that cleared up the 1st week on keto. 
All this is why I encourage others to start right now!
My 1st keto weigh in

Diagnosed Diseases Keto CURED for me:

1. Essential Thrombocythemia

2. Type 2 Diabetes

3. Restless leg

4. Carpal tunnel

5. Alnar Nerve

6. bradycardia

7. Tachycardia 

8. Significant heart event - serious pain in my chest 

9. Exploding Head Syndrome

10. Sleep Apnea

11. Sleep walking and eating

12. Neurodermatitis

13. Fatty Liver

14. Morbid Obesity 

15. Gallstones (GB not functioning)

16. Vit D Deficiency 

17. B-12 Deficiency

18. Pernicious anemia

19. Irritable bowel syndrome

20. Inflammatory bowel disease

21. Chronic Migraines

22. Chronic sinusitis

23. Allergic Rhintis

24. Meralgia paresthetica -Thigh!

25. Chronic heart burn

26. Urinary Incontinence

27. High triglycerides

28. Dyslipidemia - elevated lipids in the blood

29. Autoimmune disease

Have chronic health problems?

Try Keto, all you have to lose is Sugar!

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