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List of ways to Add More Fats! Protein List below

On days when you are finding it difficult to get in enough fats to fuel your body and help keep you full!

1. Cooking with Healthy oils like; Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Olive Oil. (I don't generally cook in butter but use butter as an additive, since butter has a low smoke point temp.) Reusing bacon grease! 

2. Melting real butter on your foods!

3. Fattier cuts of meat and fish. Like 73/27 beef. Chicken Thighs and legs are fattier than breast and wings. Meat you would have avoided before keto because you could see a thick layer of fat, stop avoiding that! Yum! Sausage patties/links, Vienna Sausage, ect.

4. Bullet Proof coffee: this is where people add a spoonful of butter and coconut oil, or MCT oil to their black coffee. (I hate coffee and prefer to eat my fats, but this maybe helpful on a day when you just couldn't eat enough fat). For recipes check youtube for bullet proof coffee!

5. Fat Bombs! This is where people make sugar free chocolates adding an unsweetened chocolate bar, stevia, butter and coconut oil! (There are many various recipes on youtube that are fairly simple and quick!)

6. Ranch dressing or other high fat dressings (check the label and keep the carb count low!)

7. Mayonnaise!  Personally I like Duke's but again, check your labels! Some folks even home make their mayo and ranch! 

8. Cheese! Cheese does tend to have protein in it! Check your labels. 

9. Sour cream (full fat)

10. Heavy whipping cream

11. Avocados and guacamole 

12. Fat Back! Fry some up! Fry foods in it!

These last 3 tend to be carby, keep an eye on the count!

13.  Dark Chocolate 

14. Seeds, Nuts, and Peanut butter

15. Full fat yogurt

List of ways to Add Protein!

On days when you think your protein is just too low, here are some ways to up the protein. 
1. Lean cuts of meat and fish.
2. Chick breasts and wings are higher in protein with less fat. 
3. Ham
4. Turkey
5. Shrimp
6. Protein bars (mind the carbs and whey if you have allergies)
See my Complete Keto Food, liquid, and Alcohol List
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