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Reward Yourself or someone you love for hitting amazing weight loss goals  (click the pic)
These are all linked to their Amazon page.
Keto AF 8.95
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Goal reward charms 8.95 Free Shipping. 
Stainless steel bracelet that would hold these charms 14.99 prime
Stainless Steel Heart
Charm Bracelet 12.99
Keto Books I like! 
Lies My Doctor told Me
By Doctor Ken Berry
Get the book
See Dr Berry on Youtube
This is the air-fryer I use.
I enjoy having it! 
They are becoming very popular with keto-er's so I thought I would share the one I own.
Get yours! 
#1 Ketone meter on the market KETO MOJO.  
By using this link you will get a %15 discount at check out on the Meter/Sticks combo. 
They also offer 
*Extra Ketone testing strips
*Extra Needles
and You can even use the keto mojo with
*Glucose test strips to monitor your ketones and glucose from one device. 
(I do own and use a Keto Mojo)
D3-K2 (mk7) In MCT oil Drops.
This is the D3-K2 (mk7) in MCT oil I used it to take my vit D deficiency levels from a low 18.5 to a healthy 58.4. 
1 drop = 1 dose. 6000 doses in the bottle.
1 drop/dose is 1400 IU's of D3 & 25mcg K2, I take 7 drops daily. 
MCT oils helps D3 absorbed into the body, D3 does many things including help the body absorb the calcium in your foods. K2 moves that calcium out of the arteries and joints (where it causes both pain and terrible trouble), putting Calcium where it belongs, in your bones and teeth.
I use Potassium and Magnesium!
I take 500mg of Magnesium and 298mg of potassium every night. (walmart less than $5 a bottle)
Best Soap for Skin Folds
I have been using this soap under all my skin folds to keep down bacteria and smells as well as painful redness and infections. So far I have only found it on Amazon and a local pharmacy, here is the Amazon page
Keto Books I like! 
Cancer Code
Dr. Jason Fung
Keto is an Anti- Cancer diet that can in many cases completely kill can cancer cells and cure your body. 
Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Turmeric Joint Supplements
Not a Keto product
but a great one!
Stops Pain from
Carpel Tunnel,
De Quervain's,
Ulnar Nerve, &
Achy Joints & Rebuilds Cartilage between joints!
Works 100%for Me!
Bloom Vitality also tends to send regular customers free bottles and 90% off codes!
This is the least expensive brand I could find and I used it everyday.
80% of everyone on earth is deficient in Magnesium and that is the leading cause of heart disease. It's also one of the main things that you lose when doing a Ketogenic diet while you are flushing excess fluids
(read more on Magnesium). 
There are several ways to get Magnesium in your body, 
I am taking a Supplement and use Magnesium lotion. since Magnesium absorbs through the skin too. This lotion also stops pain and curbs Chocolate cravings!
It has great reviews on Amazon, click the pic to see the Amazon page! 
Keto T-Shirts Designed by Me,  Keto Diamond!

Choc Zero Bark Bars.

Chocolate and almonds

Chocolate and Peppermint

Orgain Keto Protein and Collagen Peptides! Coupon Code : KETODIAMOND
 30% off your 1st order. We Use the Orgain Chocolate Protein powder with Unsweetened Almond milk to make a YUMMY Chocolate Frosty favored Protein shake! And flavorless Collagen Peptides in our coffee :) 
 (no products are needed to do keto, but these are nice to have.)
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