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The Keto Flu

Not everyone will get what is commonly called the Keto Flu, but for those who do, all the potential symptoms are below, as well as practical ways to handle them.

The Keto Flu can be caused by 1 of two things and sometimes both at the same time. 

1. Carb Withdraw! 

You were born in ketosis and stayed that way if you were breast feed, but once your parents started giving you real food your body made the switch to burning carbs for fuel instead of fats. 

That means you have been using carbs for fuel most of your life. It's not only a hard habit to break, it's a complex change over. The body must run out of the carbs you have consumed, once it does it has a minor freak out trying to figure out what it's going to do for fuel if you aren't feeding it carbs anymore. 

You will get physically and mentally tired, aggravated, and fell stressed out for a while until you drop into a ketosis. (it usually takes between 1 to 3 weeks, the 1st time) At which point you will start feeling awesome if everything is going well.

If not, email me. 

2. Electrolyte Imbalance! 

***If you aren't careful one of these could easily cause you a Hospital Visit.*** 


Other than carb withdraw The Keto flu is just an electrolyte imbalance caused by Keto's unique ability to flush out excess fluid from the body threw urination. Simply put; you will pee out Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium which are all necessary for the body to function properly. Lacking in one or more of these can cause you to feel bad, luckily for most people the keto flu is very short as you are normally able to re-balance your electrolytes by eating a ketogenic diet... However if the Keto flu becomes a problem for you... Here's what you need to know!

These are the side effects to lacking in one or more of the following and what to do about them. 

***Lacking Sodium can cause:

Weakness, Fatigue, Low energy, Headaches, Nausea, Vomiting, Muscle cramps and spasms, Confusion, Irritability.

***Lacking Potassium can cause:

Weakness, tiredness, Muscle cramps in arms and legs that can sometimes be so bad you can not move one or more limbs. Tingling and numbness, Nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, Bloating, Constipation, Heart Palpitations. (Common)

***Lacking Magnesium can cause:

Irritability, Unable to sleep/Insomnia, Sensitivity to noise, mental disturbances, Anxiety, depression, restlessness, muscle spasms, facial tics or twitches, Muscle soreness, infertility, PMS, Higher levels of stress, Headaches, Heart Palpitations, Cold hands or feet, Brain fog, Difficulty concentrating, Allergies and sensitivities, Chronic pain, Chronic back pain, Body odor, Bad short term memory, Poor cordination, Insulin resistance, Carb Cravings, constipation, cavities and poor dental health, Gut disorders, kidney stones, liver damage, Thyroid problems, Hypertension, And MORE...

***Lacking Calcium can cause:

Frequent broken bones, Poor dental health and cavities, Osteopenia, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, Obesity, tingling and numbness, Lethargy, Muscle cramps and irregular heart beat including palpitations.

***What to do for low Sodium..

Eat More salt! (*preferably sea salt or pink salt) *Chicken or Beef broth, *Bullion or Bullion cubes, *Salt lick, simply lick your clean hand, sprinkle salt and lick it off.

Make Sole Water, ketorade.

***What to do for low potassium..

*Meats, fish, eggs, and green leafy veggies are high in potassium.

*Nu-Salt, No-Salt (both in the spice isle)

*Cream of Tarter.

Potassium Supplement... Like Potassium Gluconate. DO NOT take a bunch of these, the safest way is to take 1 99mg pill 1-5 times a day In Separate servings.

Personally I take 3 of the 99mg potassium tabs every day (cheap ones from walmart)

***What to do about low Magnesium. (Read more on the Importance of Mag)

Natural ways are

*Green Veggie juicing, Epsom salt baths, Magnesium skin oil.

Magnesium is so important I would recommend everyone take 400-500 MG at night before bed (mag can make you sleepy)

*Magnesium Cheleate, Malate, Glycinate are all pretty much the same form and they are well absorbed.

Avoid dark soda's including diet soda as they contain Phosphorus that can bond with Magnesium and move it out of the body threw urine.

Personally I use MagEnhance supplement every night. 

It's 24.99 on Amazon, kind of expensive but it is the best version I can fine. 

Read the Reviews on Amazon.

***What to do about low calcium

(I’m Not recommending calcium supplements because most people get enough, unless you think you need it, I more recommend taking D3/K2-mk7 to help move calcium that has built up on the joints and arteries to where it belongs, in the bones and teeth.)

Calcium is rather easily gotten threw

*Green leafy veggies, Dairy, and high protein foods.

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