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Keto and High Cholesterol
Will keto raise you cholesterol? Yes, but that is NOT a bad thing. What? Yea I know you think I'm crazy but read this anyway and you might be surprised! 
Every cell of your body including fat cells are loaded with Cholesterol, because they are suppose to be! When you start keto and start burning off the fat from your body cholesterol is released... It has to go somewhere, but no worries, it's not dangerous! 
Fact, 75% of all heart attack victims have normal to low cholesterol. 
"All the big meaningful research shows that the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol you eat has nothing to do with your risk of heart attack or stroke, it just doesn't" ~ Ken Berry M.D.  (Watch his video)
Fact, The human body makes 3000 mg of cholesterol everyday. If you don't eat cholesterol, the body simply produces more of it, because you need it, because every cell membrane in your body is made, in part, of cholesterol. The cell membranes will not function at all without it. 
(3000 mg of Cholesterol is in about a pound of butter or 333 pieces of bacon) 
Your brain and your nerves are made of cholesterol. The dementia industry takes in more money than the cancer industry. Ya think lowering the cholesterol in your brain just might be lining a lot of pockets? 
Billions of dollars went to drug companies who lavished in selling dangerous medications. Medications that are more dangerous by far to your health than 'high' cholesterol.
Coincidence? The alzheimer's epidemic came about shortly after statin drugs were introduced to the public. If it is or isn't they'd never admit it. 
Cholesterol and LDL were once thought to be a risk factor in heart disease. That is no longer the case, it just takes most doctors about a full generation to catch up to science. 
You cholesterol really shouldn't be measured during weight loss ~ Dr Eric Westman
"It doesn't mean anything bad if your cholesterol is high. It's actually much more dangerous if your cholesterol is low!" ~ Ken Barry M.D.
My personal experience. 
After years of perfect cholesterol but being morbid obesity, high blood pressure, recent type 2 diabetes, and dangerously high triglycerides, I went Keto. ALL my health markers including my weight drastically improved, diabetes gone! My only thought was, no way everything heals and improved yet one thing switches gears and gets bad all of a sudden! 
Luckily when the doctor suggested I start a low fat, low sodium diet to improve my cholesterol I had already figured everything I just told you. My reply to the nurse was "Nah, I'm good."  
That doesn't mean I didn't have second thoughts and years of hearing that high cholesterol was dangerous it did frighten me, but I trusted my logic and had already decided I would not be taking any prescription medications except in emergencies. (If bitten by a snake I do want the anti venom!)(Raging infection, I would like an antibiotic) Ya know :)
Before you take any medications, do some research, use some logic, make your best choice. 
Dr Westman MD (Duke University) Cholesterol on Low Carb
Dr Berry M.D. Cholesterol fact Video
Dr Eric Berg D.C. Cholesterol beginning Myth Video 
Dr Berg D.C. Why cholesterol goes up when you eat less cholesterol
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