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NightShade Vegetables and Keto

What are nightshaedes and why should you care??

They are Tomatoes, tomatillos, All Peppers (including paprika), Eggplant, and Regular potatoes. (Potatoes are NOT keto friendly) (tobacco is also a nightshade)

Most NightShades are toxic and can not be consumed, however the ones mentioned above are part of daily life for most people. Even on keto things like tomatoes and peppers are used very often to add flavor. 

Many people have big problems with these nightshades and most have no idea what is causing it. 

If you suffer from any of the following it could be cause by nightshades or symptoms of disease can be made worse by eating them even in small amount.

*Itchiness, Hives, or Rashes.

*Sinus issues and excessive mucus productions.

*Nausea and/or Vomiting.

*Achy/Painful Muscles, Bones, Or Joints. 

*Inflammation both Mild and Sever.

Avoid NightShades if you have:

*Any Autoimmune Condition

*Inflammation or Inflammatory disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

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