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Non-Keto friends and family Challenges.
Living in a house with Non-Keto-er's will present challenges but it can be easily done. 
I live in a full house where I am the only strict keto-er. My husband, daughter, son in law, and my grandson are on the Standard America Diet (SAD). My son used keto to hit his goal weight, going from 210 to 160, he is currently doing 4 days on 3 days off a week to maintain his weight and be able to hang out with his friends. (he's 20). I
I am proof that you can successfully do keto while surrounded by cookies, cakes, ice cream, and pizza. I've got in a habit of overlooking foods I don't eat. It also helps to know and have a good understanding of why those foods are terrible for you and what they can do to you body or better yet, what they have already done to your body and health.
I try to keep all the keto friendly foods in easy to grab places. For me, I placed 3 plastic containers on one shelf of my refrigerator. 1. Cheeses, sour cream, cool whip. 2. Veggies (lettuce and celery). 3. Small Meats (ham, sausages, pepperoni's). Then my eggs and butter have their own rack and door. 
My non-keto hubby loves things like cookies and chips. I place all his goodies in a colored plastic container which lives in our bedroom where he likes to hang out and watch TV when he is off work. This was originally because we live out in the country and keeping things like that sealed up helps keep mice and critters out of the house. (Win-Win)
My daughter and her fiance keep their goodies in a similar container in their room when they can but that still leaves stuff like ice cream, pies, and cakes to constantly be present in my freezer. Not to mention stuff like popcorn chicken, noodle meals and whatever else they decide to buy. 
Now I am presented with temptation every time I make my grandson pizza, corn dogs or my biggest trigger food, 
Is it hard to be strict keto when there are others around who are not, with great tasting goodies always in your face?
It has it's challenges, but it can be done. I have done it daily for 10 months. 
My best advice...
Keep as much junk out of your home and line of sight as possible.
Never tell yourself or others you CANT eat that. Say and think, I DON'T eat that.
One feels forced, the other says this is a decisive choice that you are making for yourself. Try to always plan ahead.... 
Making meals for a non-keto family.
Since I make meals every day for people who are not keto I understand this challenge too. 99% of the time I cook a keto friendly main course. I make my hubby different sides to go with his meat and chose keto foods for my sides. In the beginning I mostly ate salads with my meals because it's simple, cheap and the ranch dressing added fat. 
Sometimes he want's foods that I just don't eat, so I will periodically make him spaghetti or buy pizza ect... I usually eat the meat, with cheese and sauce on spaghetti nights and buy me hot wings on pizza nights. There are always options for you out there, you just have to think about it and make the right choices. 
For traveling:
You can always take snacks like pork skins, meat sticks, cheese sticks, cheese crisps, 
Eating out with friends? 
You can do it, just drop the bun and use the same thought process you would use at home... Meat, cheese, eggs, green veggies, and real butter. I love hot wings, with celery and ranch, steak, salads, vinegar based BBQ, cheese burger salads, taco salad with no shell. Many restaurants even have low carb options. 
More Eating Out Options.
If you need to drink with friends, my understanding that most hard liquor is zero carb like,
  • Vodka 

  • Rum (plain)

  • Gin 

  • Tequila

  • Whiskey 

  • Scotch

  • Brandy

  • Cognac 

If you need a chaser or a mix look for sugar free or diet soda options.
Not all wine's are the same, some do have lower carbs like 
  • Merlot

  • Pinot Noir

  • Cabernet

  • Champagne/Sparking white

  • Pinot Gris/Grigio

Beers that are lower in carbs are
  • Bud Select 55

  • Rolling Rock Green Light

  • Michelob Ultra

  • Bud Select

  • Miller Lite

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