What does the Keto or Ketogenic way of eating Cure, improve, or reveres?

What does the Keto or Ketogenic way of eating Cure, improve, or reveres?

Sugar reactive Cancers, Prevents and reverses.

Heart Disease, Prevents and reverses

High Triglycerides, Prevents and reverses

Diabetes, Prevents and reverses

High blood pressure, Prevents and reverses

Metabolic Syndrome, Prevents and reverses

Obesity, Prevents and reverses

Asthma, Greatly improves

Autism, Greatly improves

Seizures, Greatly improves

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Greatly Improves

Irritable bowel syndrome, Prevents and reverses

Acid reflux, Prevents and reverses

Heart Burn, Prevents and reverses

Pain, Prevents and reverses

Arthritis, Prevents and reverses

Inflammation, Prevents and reverses

Swelling, Prevents and reverses

Parkinson's Disease, Prevents or greatly improves

Alzheimer's Disease, Prevents or greatly improves

Traumatic Brain Injury, Greatly improves

Post-traumatic stress disorder, Greatly improves

Multiple Sclerosis, Greatly improves

Fibromyalgia, Greatly improves

Fatty Liver Disease, Greatly improves

Migraine Headaches, Greatly improves

Depression, Greatly improves

Anxieties, Greatly improves

There are plenty more!

Not a single Weight loss, Pharmaceutical, or Medical industry company would profit if everyone chose a Ketogenic way of eating..

How to start Keto? EAT: Meats, Eggs, Green Veggies, Cheese, and Real butter or healthy oils, like Olive oil or coconut oil.

 I am Not a Doctor. My opinions are from experience & research.

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