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Keto Myths and Facts...
While some of these are just dumb, some are true, and some are based in old and incomplete 'science'. 
Myth. Keto will give you bad breath.
Fact: Yes it can, it's called Keto breath and can smell or mildly taste like acetone or metal. Generally it's short lived. 
Myth. Keto will make you feel greasy from eating all those fat and oils.
Fact. I never feel greasy or oily. In fact most people say my skin is extremely soft and I even rub coconut oil on my skin after every shower. 
Myth. Eating fat will cause heart attacks. 
Fact. That's now proven and known to be absolute nonsense. 
Myth. Keto will raises cholesterol. 
Fact. Often times it will, but generally it's short lived.  As you burn off the fat the cholesterol in those fat cells has to go somewhere. 
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