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Started February 17, 2018. Have lost 14 lbs. have been stalled for almost a month. Hopefully that changes soon. Most of my body aches have gone. My feet use to hurt really bad in the mornings but not anymore. I’m not as stiff. I don’t have indigestion all the time like before keto. Less headaches. My mood is a little more stable. Allergy symptoms are better. There may be more to come. 🙂

Deborah Waltenburg 

Started June 2017, at 221 ... Lowest to date has been 171.8, but hovering between 172 and 174 since January of this year. I've lost a total of 42.2 inches in that time, as well. Started for health reasons, due to severe gastric and digestion problems, and have eliminated all medications for inflammation, and digestion. No longer have lower back and hip pain, no more swelling in legs and feet, and psoriasis is starting to clear after decades, oh, and the severe depression I've dealt with for decades has decreased almost to the point of non-existence :D <3

Wannabe Better

My success is that I'm actually able to stick to keto. For me, that says a lot. I have fallen in love with this way :)

Lorie Penrod age 54 
I thought i would share some good News from here to you know I started this journey at 355 well went to Dr's today 259.8 and it did not stop there B/P meds from20 to 10 to 5 as of today and not only 18 lbs down in 3 months normal A1C is 5.7 mine today was 5.5 I do not have type 2 DM anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! total loss 95 lbs Love that Keto !

Cyndi Brown

In late December 2017 after being diagnosed diabetic in November with an a1c of 8.4 and told to do the whole grains lean meat reduced calorie thing and being on Metformin. I came home from the dr. knowing that was a diet I wouldn't be able to stick to. I knew I didn't want to remain on that metformin. I googled atkins which led me to keto. I watched everything i could I read everything I could. I decided to start the next day. 12/22/17. I didnt track or anything at first. By the first of the year I was tracking had my macros set and havent looked back. As of February 15th I have lost 50 pounds and my A1C was 4.7 I go back to see her next week.

UPDATE: 5-23-18 update Hb a1c 4.6, weight loss 82lbs, 53 of which is all keto. 147 days in.

Keto - Keeping It Simple

I never had any health issues to correct but I am down 30 lbs since July and I can't even describe how great I feel when I'm staying completely on plan!

Mercury Fireball

I started keto as a transition from just doing low carb. Already had the diabetes under alot of control but I now feel so much better and weight is slowly coming off after a big stall

Linda Richmond 

Hi I have losted...25lbs so far!

My Keto Life 

I've lost 30 pounds in 5 months.

Kippa-Ring Keto 

Down 28kg in 9mths, and my husband down 25kg in 8mths

Keto Steve 

2 years in and 30 + pound lost, can't stop won't stop!

Sharon Hartley 

I have lost 80lbs in 14 mths just hit my 80lbs so . My Polocystic Ovary Syndrome has gone My Depression an Anxiety has gone. IBS an Acid Reflux gone. I am no longer a Emotional Eater like I once was. I started off at 305 lbs my heaviest weight battled with my Weight all my life tried everything Keto works. #Ketoforlife

Deb Olsen

I have been able to drop 3 medications. blood pressure pill, cholesterol pill and one of my diabetic meds. I have not lost a bunch of weight yet, but I feel better. I have fibromyalgia and a autoimmune disease as well. Being gluten and grain free has helped those issues a ton.

Lazy Keto 

I have lost 45 pounds since January 16th 2018, and best of all my acid reflux that had been bothering me most of my adult life disappeared completely after just 3 days of Keto! I LOVE Keto, it's amazing and i WISH i had known about it years ago x

Kimcol D 

It will be 5 months on 5/11, I've lost 44 pounds so far. I love this WOE. Following you and others has been a great help; this is a great group of folks.


A little over 5 months 48lbs gone, 41 inches gone . Prediabeties gone, swollen ankles gone, anxiety,depression gone Life is back!!!

Paulette Deitz 

Keto day #25 -- I started keto at a mostly healthy weight of 129 lbs for my height 5'6.5", doing it for health reasons. My lupus symptoms and all the tag-along disease symptoms have pretty much disappeared. I also weaned myself off antihistamines & my allergies are about 90-95% gone due to keto and/or my use of peppermint essential oil. My arthritis pain is gone. My sinus/migraine headaches are greatly diminished. My workouts on my air walker are so much easier, because I now have way more energy -- I no longer have to divide my 30 minutes into 3 different sessions. I no longer have swelling in my feet & ankles. BTW I am almost 68 yo.😁


Today I am celebrating my keto day 31. I've made it through the 1st month. I started keto for health reasons, and the results so far have been amazing: more energy, arthritic pain gone, allergies mostly gone, sinus headaches gone, lupus symptoms gone, dry eyes, skin & hair greatly improved (daily eye drops down from 20-30 times daily to 1 or 2), and the most amazing of all: my 25 or so cysts in my upper abdomen have all disappeared except for one! This is the most phenomenal transformation I could ever have imagined. I've had some struggles with constipation and figuring out my electrolyte needs, but those are resolved now. I was not trying to lose weight, but I won't cry if I lose 10 pounds or so. I'm still tweaking the program trying to figure out what is best for me. This is long, but I just wanted to share as a keto newbie. Thanks again for all that you do. 👍👍💕💕😁

KETOKelli GISTgitenerdone

My keto success story started in May 2015. I was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal stromal tumor in my stomach in Oct of 2014, by the time May 2015 had rolled around I had heard of a way of eating that may help with cancer, yup you guessed it Keto. Before tumor removal the doctors were convinced that the entire stomach had to be removed to get all of the cancer. I started in May 2015 and in Nov the same year I was scheduled for tumor removal. I came out of the surgery and was told that the stomach looked so good that only 10% of my stomach was removed, I attribute that entirely to eating keto leading up to the surgery. I refused medication that is prescribed for those with this type of cancer to prevent reoccurance. This med is supposed to be taken 3 years after resection, it is a low dose chemo. Some doctors were shocked I refused, however nearly three years later with only keto as my treatment I am still cancer free and 100lbs down. I do slip up sometimes but I will never go back to the S.A.D. way of eating ever again. I do simple keto recipes on my channel, I try to make it as easy as possible for those who dont want to go buy all the fancy stuff to make. This is my life now and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. KETO ON.

Keto in Hawaii 

Over 20 years ago I was a passenger on a motorcycle, driving very slowly when a big dog came from a yard and chasing a cat. He ran right in front of our bike causing us to wreck. That left me with 3 broken bones in my knee. I had surgery. Now I tend to have arthritis in that knee and after the death of 4 family members all within 6 years- mom, dad, 2 brothers, and more friends and family I started putting on weight emotionally eating. But it got to the point where I could hardly cross my legs or get out of a chair easily. My size 14 jeans should have been a 16 when I found Keto and started December 25, 2016! Yes, I chose Christmas Day. A gift to myself! I’ve lost 3 Jean sizes and close to 40 lbs. That may not sound like a lot but I sure feel better overall. I have better energy, less inflammation in my knee and I can sure move around better! I love the food and will never go back to SAD way of eating. I’m getting closer to my goal, too. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose but enough that this has been soooo worth it. I forgot to mention I have hypothyroidism.


I’ve always been a big-girl! Large boned, fluffy, a little thick as far back as I could recall and it kept me from living life and doing so many things others could do. 
I tried a few times to lose weight but nothing stuck, the weight I lost I would gain back and then some. 
Finally at age 41(2011) surely more than 300 Pounds,yet scared to get on scale to find out my actual weight, leave my home or have much social engagement with family or friends.
I’d finally gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was fed up from all the aches, pains and struggles to live and reared being a burden on my family. Encouraged by a YouTuber’s weight loss video, I did what she did to lose over 125 pounds herself. 1st joining a FREE site to log my meals then creating a channel on YouTube to keep track of my journey. 
In About 6 months I LOST more than 72 pounds! 
Life continued of many ups and downs causing my emotions and weight to get out of control.  I’ve met a few short term goals, made some awesome NSVs (non-scale-victories) but I have yet to make it to my main goal of making it into ONEderland! 
2016 With No health Insurance and fear of something seriously wrong with my thyroid I found out about the Ketogenic way of eating and on January 8th, 2017 began my 1st day of what I hope to be the rest of my life on Keto! 
Within a few short days and without any side effects I heard were possible, I was on my way and feeling more amazing than I had in my teens.  The Weight loss was just an added bonus! 
Like any food addict though I struggled and was also overloaded with lots of bad advice found online. "Not everyone does keto for weight loss”! ! !
2018 started out a very rough year for me. I would lose some pounds here and there and just regain them. 
Feeling cursed to remain in the Dreaded 240’s! 
Dealt with the removal of my gallbladder April 23rd, my period stopping for a few months (from April 24th - August 3rd) , shortly after diagnosed at age 48 as being perimenopausal and possibly depressed, possible thyroid cancer, and my marriage of 26 years now on the rocks and living apart! I flip flopped around eating things here and there and had allowed myself a time of comfort and joy as well as sickness when I reintroduced the junk I had eaten before that caused me my issues to begin with. August 3rd, 2018 I am CANCER FREE but 270.2 Pounds Again!!!
August 6th, 2018 and the 3rd day of my finally returned period that gave me a break (and scare) for a few months.  I Restart Keto! It helped my mom who lives with me started along with me. Everything in the house that is NOT KETO is gone!
Today at the time I write this (December 13th, 2018) I have lost almost 31 pounds and its been 128 Days!

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Keto Success Stories page 2

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