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Keto: Finding the Will Power!

The very idea of the Keto diet seems scary at 1st. I mean, where do you find the will power to drop sugars, goodies, junk foods, and breads? But there is good news! Light up ahead! Keto is less about Will Power and more about knowledge and Knowledge truly is Power! 
I can tell people all day long what to eat and what to avoid, but those people will not be able to find the "will power" to stay away from all that good tasty crude they've ate/drink their entire lives, the very things that are slowly and painfully killing them... WHY? Because they don't know WHY they are doing it. The only know their goal. However if you load up that same person with the WHY's answered they tend to hop on board the keto wagon and rarely fall all the way off. 
Finding out and researching the WHY's of keto, will help you understand more about the foods you are choosing to put into your body! Knowing exactly what excess carbohydrates are doing to your health. Finding out why fat is very good for you and not some gross substance blocking up your arteries. Finding the right amount of protein to help your body function properly will all help you make the better choices far more often.  Here are the WHY's Answered:
Why 20 or less carbs per day?
Sugar and carbohydrates have a very negative short term effect on the body causing your insulin and blood glucose levels to rise, giving bursts of energy and then crash dramatically. Many people get tired and lethargic shortly after eating a sugar laced snack or meal. And the Hangry as the sugar cravings kick back in and your body needs more! 
Eating Protein with bread with may as well be compacted sugar will cause these spikes to be much more sever. (Cheeseburgers or having a roll/hush puppies with a meal) 
Certain veggies like carrots and potatoes are starches that also acts like sugar in the gut. Can you guess why they feed livestock grains? Yeah, to fatten them up! 
Sugar and carbohydrates also have a very negative long term effect on the body called insulin resistance. This causes Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes, along with a host of associated medical conditions. It allows glucose (blood sugar) to enter cells from the bloodstream and tells the cells to start burning glucose instead it's natural energy source, Fat.  
Eat Sugar = Store Fat.  Eat Fat -Sugar = Burn Fat! (My favorite new equation!)
Keto Diamond.
Added sugars contains no nutritional value! It only harms your body!
Sugar has no proteins, essential fats, vitamins or minerals! Only short bursts of energy! (Ketones have long haul, fat burning, all day, every day energy! (I use to wish I could keep up with my 4 yr old grandson, now I can!)
Many lives of those we loved dearly have been lost in a very large part to sugar alone! (I was planning my own funeral! I was leaving good bye, I love you, don't worry about me notes in hidden spots for my children)
Sugar feeds the majority of the known forms of cancer! Without sugar, most types of cancer can not grow! Cancer simply dies out of the body if you remove sugar and carbohydrates from your diet. This could save a lot of lives, especially someones very sweet loving child! And it's a well known Fact! 
Why Moderate protein?
Your body is perfectly capable of making the very small amount of sugar that it needs to operate, which is only about a teaspoon a day, but it can't make it's own protein. Your body was designed to be very smart! It naturally turns the protein you eat into glucose in a process called Gluconeogenesis. This is why we only eat a moderate amount of protein. Too much protein, and you may as well just eat the junk!
However we also do NEED protein to keep our muscles well maintained! As many body builders can testify, you can even build a lot of muscle on Keto; as ketones gives your body the fuel to work / workout for longer periods of time once you are fully in ketosis and fat adapted! Body builders will have much higher Fat/Protein amounts than people seeking to lose or maintain their current weight. To find the right ratios for your body, I use the Keto Diet Buddy Calculator.
Okay, but why eat a lot of fat? It's horrible for you because it clogs up your arteries, right? NOPE! 
Ever seen fat like coconut oil or pig fat / bacon grease when it's 98 degrees (your body's internal temp)? It's just slick, slippery, runny liquid! Your body can only cool enough to make dietary or body fat harden if you died and then it would still take several hours.  
Fat, unlike carbohydrates is feel filling. It keeps your tummy full for so much longer and gives your body the great natural fuel to run on all day! As long as I eat 70-80% fat, I'm just not hungry!
Plus once you are in ketosis, you body burns your body fat as well as your dietary fat for fuel! Win Win! Oh and it makes your brain function and thought process much clearer too! So, Win WIn Win!  
Experiencing the benefits of eating a ketogenic diet will help you make the right choices / give you Will Power as well. For example; I use to get regular migraines. I haven't had one in the 10 plus months since I have started keto. I had a daily cough and constant 24/7 for 20 yrs sever allergies. I thought I was allergic to everything. My ears would run and drain all the time. This has went from being a daily problem to a more seasonal issue. Heart burn, IBS... literally 2 full notebook pages of medical issues cleared up in just weeks. Diabetes gone in months. My lower back and my knees hurt and ached all the time. I felt OLD at 38, now I'm not exaggerating when I say I feel 16 in heart, body, and soul :) Oh and losing 90+ pounds in 10 months! See More medical issues Keto Clears up and cures!
Experiencing a cheat will also give you pause and second thoughts about future cheating.
For example; Cheat meals always give me 24 hours worth of extremely bad gas, seriously, big loud farts all day! Bloating, headaches, body aches, my allergy symptoms come flooding back, I get zombie like tired, very fatigued, and lazy! Brain Fog And Hazy! And I feel like I'm going to starve to death!
I just want more food and more sugar, and I want it right now! As my body burns off the sugar/carbs from the cheat it starts looking for that fuel source again. It takes about 24/48 hours to readjust and fall back into ketosis depending on how many carbs you ate and if it was a cheat meal or cheat day. The day after I cheat, it is very important for me to get my dietary fat up to around 80 to 85% just so I don't feel hungry and have sugar cravings!
Oh and the water weight! Anyone seriously trying to lose weight knows how frustrating it can be to drop 90 pounds, but then 1 cheat meal happens and 10 pounds of heavy gross water weight bloats you out and makes you feel like your skin could rip open! A couple weeks back I had 2 cheat meals, which I never do, but I grabbed 11 pounds of water weight and I still haven't gotten rid of all of it. 1 more water pound to go! Then my body can show me how much fat it's been burning off since then :)
Another great reason to stay keto, is that once you get fat adapted and get use to enjoying those yummy wonderful and filling keto friendly meals; Junk food, even big beautiful chocolate cakes have less flavor or they become down right flavorless. It's never as good as you remember it tasting. Not Ever! 
I have no intention of quieting keto, but I also know that should I give it up for some unforeseen reason; I now have the knowledge to start back over and fix my body again. 
Keto is very forgiving. Should slip ups happen, just drop the sugar/carbs, hike your fats up and eat some meat! Keep going! "Trust the process"! 
Much love! Check out some other great links and articles by me: Keto Articles!
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