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16 things you need to know before you Start Keto

1. Keto is Free. You do not need anything special or specific to start keto. You don't need grass feed, pastor raised, organic, cage free anything. You don't need any starter kits, meal plans, shakes, powders, and there is no need to pay for programs. 

Just let your next meal consist of things like meat, cheese, eggs, green veggies, and healthy fats like coconut oil and real butter. 

Patience is important when starting keto, but OMG it's worth it!


2. You will start to drop water weight pretty quickly. The larger you are and the more water you carry the more weight you will drop right away. Stay Hydrated! 


3. You will Pee A LOT! Because you will pee a lot you might get something called the Keto flu, which is just an electrolyte imbalance from peeing out Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium. You can keep them up by adding salt to your foods (perfectly safe on keto) and by eating plenty of meat and green veggies. I'll put a list of symptoms, causes, and solutions at the bottom.


4. It will take 1 to 3 weeks for your body to fully make the switch from being a Sugar burner into being a Fat Burner. This is what we call getting into ketosis or being fat adapted. (once you have been keto for a while and you kick yourself it will take 1 - 3 days to get back into ketosis after you stop eating sugar)

5. During those 1 to 3 week you might feel like crap! This is due to the before mentioned electrolyte imbalance/keto flu and Sugar withdraw, which can easily be fought off, just put your foot down and mean it. ( I quit smoking 2 yrs ago, quitting cigs was a million times harder!)


6. Keto is super healing! It is a powerhouse for getting rid of diabetes and lowing your blood pressure. If you are on medications for these things you need to monitor your numbers closely and call your doctor should these numbers start to fall so that you can be taken off the medications safely. This is VERY common and normal on the ketogenic diet. 


7. At some point down the road, several months in, you may experience some hair shedding. It's scary, but it is common and will reverse itself after a few months. 


8. Intermittent Fasting goes hand in hand with Keto. This is not to fast for days on end. It simply means to stick to a meal scheduled as best you can. Eating either 1 to 3 meals a day, around the same time every day, and not snacking between, before, or after meals. This keeps your insulin levels from spiking to often and your fat burning optimized! BUT... You should not start fasting until you are fully fat adapted which takes 6-8 weeks after starting keto. Not only is it harder to just suddenly start fasting, your body isn't yet use to using ketones as fuel and blood sugar levels can drop too low. You may get dizzy, nauseous, and more. 


9. The scale will go up and down all day, every day! Weigh in the mornings after using the bathroom. Don't freak out if it goes up on some mornings, it's just water weight which fluctuates ALL THE TIME for thousands of reasons! It's nothing to get disheartened or upset about. As long as your weight declines over a months time, you are doing just fine. If it's not declining over the months time you might want to tweak some things here and there. 


10. At some point your cholesterol might go up. This is Nothing to worry about. I will put a link to the article below telling you why you shouldn't worry about your cholesterol!


11. Keto has a lot of science and research behind it, because of this you will hear conflicting thoughts and opinions from every source. Do not be afraid to dive in and think for yourself. 


12. Don't be afraid of Macro's. I'll put a link below explaining what macro's really are and the best way to find the right ones for your body! 


13. Keeping up with the calories you eat from Carbs, Fat, and Protein (macro's) Can help you lose more weight faster. Not tracking is what they call lazy keto which works for some. Lazy Keto is better than no Keto.


14. Your keto can not compare to others. Even if they start the same time at the same height, weight, age, etc... Everyone is different and the amount of healing, water weight, the differences in foods, and lifestyles all play a factor. 


15.Your Fat will loosen up and you most like will have some loose floppy Its nothing to worry about. The more fat your lose the more the skin can retract, but it takes some time. Until you have reached your goal weight that loose fat and skin is nothing to worry about. You do not lose fat the same way you gained it.


16. Keto is a lifestyle, not a simple diet. If you quit and go back to your old ways, as with any other diet, you will regain and re-disease.




Electrolyte imbalance, Symptoms, Causes, Solutions.


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