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My Off Scale 


It's a wonderful idea to keep a list of Off scale victories. It'll help you remember all the wonderful changes that have taken place, the things your body use to go through and would go though again if you were to neglect yourself in the future. This is my list, what's yours?
1. Feeling my body get smaller in various places.
2. No more back pain! Gone!
3. Improved, deeper and longer sleep. No more sleep walking!
4. Amazing energy, only tired at bed time!
5. No need to stop and rest every 20 feet
6. I no longer feel like I could die at any moment.
7. No more snoring complaints.
8. No longer falling asleep at the wheel, don't need 5hr energy shots to drive!
9. Fit behind the steering wheel without trouble!
10. I don't need allergy meds every day!
11. Moving around easier and able to reach body parts better!
12. Clothes and jewelry fitting better and even falling off!
13. Everyone notices, there are so many complements!
14. Feet and ankles no longer swell! 
15. People are asking if I have had facial surgeries. (Cheeks, lips, nose)
16. Painting toes and putting on shoes is a breeze! 
17. I can see my belly ring!
18. Dropping jean sizes like crazy from 28 to 16 in no time!
19. Type 2 Diabetes GONE! Not even a pre-diabetic!
20. Triglycerides from unhealthy 367 to a normal 141!
21. Health markers improved all the way! 
22. My doctor is impressed!
23. I am able to help and inspire others!***
24. Not recognizing myself in a mirror!
25. Loving my appearance again! Let's take a picture!
26. I have an actual lap again! 
27. Purse straps don't have to be super long/cross body!
28. A lot of room behind the steering wheel, even after pulling my seat much closer!
29. My husband, son, and his best friend can lift me!
30. I can no longer joke about sitting on someone!
31. People get offended when I use the word/term fat.
32. I can now pick/buy clothes that I LOVE not just whatever fits!
33. No longer have use for the clothes that I wore at my largest! 
34. My glasses are falling off my face! (I had to get the biggest pair in the store b4)
35. I feel amazing heart, mind, body, and soul!
36. Being able to look straight into the mirror and see both earrings! 
37. Folding laundry I use to think my hubbies clothes were so tiny, now not so much!
38. I prefer regular bath towels over all the super long ones I use to only buy!
39. Doctor is even more impressed!
40. Clean bill of health! (from two pages of diagnosed diseases to 1 single problem!)
41. Told I don't need to see the doc but once a year, from monthly visits! 
42. Pulling the car seat even closer and still being further from the wheel!
43. Constantly needing new clothes and undies! 
45. I weigh less than my dad!
46. My Vitamin D and B-12 levels are finally in good normal ranges!
47. Far more tolerant of heat! Heck I'm getting a natural tan just from being outside!
48. Want to go further and can walk and move all day without pain or care! 
49. Pain free all over!
50. I honestly feel better than I did at 16 yrs old! (I'm 41!)
51. I noticed that I rarely ever complain!
52. Forgotten that I use to cough all day and night and be constantly sick! 
53. I can't remember the last time I was winded or out of breath!
54. Trying on outfits in the dressing room is not longer stressful, upsetting or difficult!
55. Barely a days goes by without hearing "Omg, how much have you lost?"
56. Can not shop in the plus size section at all! 
57. I get hit on a lot more than ever, even when I was younger and smaller!
58. Extreme desire for life over all! Life is a joy! 
59. Collar bones are very noticeable.
60. Arm pits are actually starting to pit inwards. 
61. Pants size from 28 to a size 8! 3x-4x Now I'm a Medium! 
62. Wedding rings went from a 9 1/2 to a size 5! 
63. Regular sized bath towels more than wrap all the way around me!
64. I can run all around and play for hours with my grand babies!
65. Baths are a treat not a chore!
Updated 5-24-2020! There will be many more!
Video from 02-08-18
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