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A perfect place for all Keto and Potential Ketoer's to join and share everything Keto related.

Message board, recommend videos, research, articles, updates, share their story, ask questions, share recipes and food ideas, books they enjoy, youtube channels, websites, and more!

These are some of my favorite Keto folks to watch on Youtube!

I personally and purposely avoid people selling Keto anything. 

I do not necessarily agree with everything these folks say, but I do

Find value in watching them :)

Keto Diamond (My channel)

Thomas Delauer (One of the best Keto channels for learning)

Dr. Berry MD

Dr Eric Westman MD

Total Health with Dr Nick

Dr Eric Berg DC

Go Keto with Casey

FlavCity with Bobby Parrish

Pearls of Wisdom (health and well-being)

CJ's Keto Kitchen (Cooking and Foods)

Ketogenic Kim (weight loss and wellness)

KetOmad (Health and well being)

Keto Steve (health and well being)

 I am Not a Doctor. My opinions are from experience & research.

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