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My Simple Keto Meals. 

This page will be updates frequently 

Many People ask for MEAL PLANS.

It's hard to make meal plans that work from one person to the next, everyone's caloric needs and macros are different.  However.. 

Eat Keto friendly foods when you are hungry and stop when you're full. 

For my 1st meal I usually eat

2-3 eggs and a breakfast meat.

For Lunch and Dinner meals I usually eat

A meat and a veggie. or Meat and a Salad.

HighKey Snacks
are keto friendly treats that taste great. They are sweetened with 
Stevia, Monkfruit, and Erythritol
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Brownie Bits
Chocolate Chip
Lakanto MunkFruit Sweetener!
 15% off! I use a Lakanto product every day. They have many great keto friendly products that do not spike insulin levels or kick you out of ketosis. 
 (no products are needed to do keto, but these are nice to have.)
Orgain Keto Protein and Collagen Peptides! Coupon Code : KETODIAMOND
 30% off your 1st order. We Use the Orgain Chocolate Protein powder with Unsweetened Almond milk to make a YUMMY Chocolate Frosty favored Protein shake! And flavorless Collagen Peptides in our coffee :) 
 (no products are needed to do keto, but these are nice to have.)
Keto Magic Spoon Cereal
 Like most everyone I enjoy a good bowel of cereal once in a while! We can't have traditional cereal or milk on keto, but we can have Magic Spoon in (my fav) unsweetened vanilla almond milk!  Personally I love their Frosted and Cinnamon cereals!
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Keto T-Shirts Designed by Me,  Keto Diamond!
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