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Keri Jarrad 

I had weight loss surgery on December 13 2017. I weighed 344 pounds, I had high blood pressure, low thyroid, insulin dependent diabetic, depression, low back-both knees-right hip pain and neuropathy in my legs, 4 heart stents, high cholesterol, swollen body parts specially in summer, and migraines. I know I’m gonna lose weight with the surgery, that’s a given, but I was barely losing any weight and was still feeling awful especially when you have to take six shots of two different types of insulin and 14 other medications daily. So I started researching the Keto diet and stumbled upon Joanie AKA Mrs Diamond. I was just about to throw in the towel and she talked me down off the edge and explained the Keto lifestyle to me in a way that made sense and that it wasn’t a diet it was a new and better way of eating and living. From that day forward I have lost 92 pounds, do you know how close to 100 pounds I am and in 5 months. I am also off 2 off my blood pressure medications, one of my insulin’s and instead of six shots a day I’m only taking one. I’m off one of my cholesterol medications and my water pill. I feel so much better, I have more energy and don’t even crave carbs any more or sugars. I’m so glad I bumped into Keto Diamond and that she knew her shit when it came to Keto.


A little over 6 months 55lbs gone, 41 inches gone . Pre-diabetes gone, swollen ankles gone, anxiety,depression gone Life is back!!!

Ketofatgurl NoMore Youtube

56 pounds 8 months. Off blood pressure meds, water pill, stomach meds, migraine meds, pain meds, fibromyalgia symptoms almost gone, Osteoarthritis pain barely there any longer, Acid Reflux gone, inflammation down, brain fog gone, I have more energy now then I've had in at least 20yrs. I can keep up with my husband, kids and grand kids now. I feel Human again like I can function like normal people on a daily basis. I no longer spend my days in pain or my nights up throwing up (from all my stomach issues). I no longer feel like a prisoner in my own body thanks to Keto I got my life back. And thanks to Joanie (Keto Diamond) and the Keto Community I love and believe in myself again because of their support and encouragement all these months. I'm a new person a stronger person and now I know I can do anything I set my mind to

Sandy's losin' it

I've lost 111 lbs in 1 year , but even better than that - I've lost T2 Diabetes, High BP, Edema ( for the most part) , and Arthritis ( again for the most part , sometimes its stress induced ) Blessings 

wowlyndrica on YouTube 

I have been on keto for a little over a year and I have lost 70 lbs so far. Still pushing along. With the help of Keto, I am no longer needing to use my wheelchair. I have a hip condition that kept me very sedentary without the use of a wheelchair. Soo woo hooo

1st pic June 2017 -2nd pic Jan 2018

Michelle Monroe 

The picture on the left was taken 2 years ago. I had the SLIM FACE filter on at the highest in that picture... Today Marks 7 months since my lifestyle change. 101 lbs down... 8 sizes down in my pants... NO SLIM FACE Filter needed.... That's Just My Face!!! I'm starting to see my beauty! 

Keto Success Stories page 1

*My story Stories Page 1 * Stories Page 2 *

* Stories Page 3 *

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