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The Truth about loose skin and major weight loss! And My Weight Loss Skin Care routine! (below)
The Truth is..... Most people do not have a lot of actual loose skin.  Actual loose skin is paper thin and usually has to be pinched away from the body to be seen!
What most people are calling loose skin is actually loose fat. Globs of hanging heavy meat. 
Until you burn enough fat to get your body fat percentage in the proper range for your height, weight, and age there is NO need to worry about things like surgery that will cost a fortune and might not be needed when the actual ideal body fat % is maintained for 1 to 2 years. 
Give your body a chance to heal. 
Your body fat percentage should be between 8-19% for men and for women between 21-33% for 1 to 2 yrs before considering surgical options.  
Loose skin is not the monster it's been made out to be! If you are like me, it was one of the biggest fear factors in starting a real weight loss journey. I was terrified, but it finally came to a point where I knew it was either deal with loose skin or DIE. Well, I don't want to die, so I started my journey anyway and started looking for ways to deal with the skin as best as I possibly could.
Below I put my skin care routine to help give my skin it's best chance of looking healthy when I hit my goal weight. 
Skin Care for loose skin during and after major weight loss!
I love my skin, after all, I have to live in it! I want to keep it as healthy, strong, and tight as possible. This is no easy job since I am 40 years old, in the middle of a weight lose adventure, I've lost 118+ pounds and I have another 75 pounds to go before I reach my goal weight of 120. 
Naturally going from 312 to 120 is going to leave a mark. My goal here is to lessen that mark as much as possible. These are the things I do and use to take the best possible care of my skin. 
The products below are what I use, feel free to use what you enjoy most.  
Step 1:
Stay Hydrated!  Did you now... Your skin grows from inside your body 1st! Over time the inner layer rises as a new layer grows beneath it and the outer layer flakes off. So the very 1st step to skin care must start from the inside! Drink plenty of fluids! 
Personally I follow this equation. For ever pound you weigh, drink an ounce of fluid. So if you weigh 220 *pounds*, drink 110 *ounces* of fluid! Sounds like to much? But I do it without problem on most days. It's only 13.75 - 8 ounce cups. (do your own research and follow what you feel is right for your body)
Step 2
SLEEP - Beauty rest is not just an expression! 
Step 3.
Proper diet. Keto! Good fat, coconut/olive oils, real butter, and Adequate / Moderate protein. Along with green veggies and all the vitamins they carry! It comes with added benefits! Like intermittent fasting and autophagy which starts after just 12 hours of fasting! (Autophagy removes dying and broke cells from the body and helps build new stronger cells)
Step 4.
The right supplements if you want something extra; D3, B vitamins, a good Prenatal vitamin! Collagen, Beef Gelatin! 
Step 5.
Dry Brushing. People who seem to have less lose skin after weight loss, Dry brush.  
There are many "how to" vids on youtube. I bought a dry brush with a rotating head. I haven't been very consistent with this practice, but I usually do it about once a month. However most doing it much more often!
The one I use is at the bottom.
My routine:
Step 6. Once I'm in the shower I use a regular wash clothes with Cuticura Original Medicated Soap to wash all my "Unmentionables" but I also use it to wash under the folds of skin us larger folks always have. It cleans really well, but it also keeps odors from coming back for much longer.
Step 7.
I use *Palmer's Indulgent Coconut Oil Body Wash* on a pair of *Shower Body Gloves*
to help me remove any dead skin, lumps, and bumps. The body wash smell and amamzing and feels wonderful!
**The Body Wash is only 4.25 at Dollar General and I get my body gloves at Dollar Tree, you will want to use them as a pair, so buy two.**
Step 8.
I turn off the shower but I stay INSIDE the stall, I use Coconut Oil (walmart/dollargeneral cooking oil). I start at my face and work my way down to the top of my feet! I hit everything but my hair and the bottom of my feet! Then I dry my fair and pat dry my body with a towel. (I dont like other oils or lotions, they just take too long to dry and I never feel as soft!)
I do this every time I shower and it never really takes me any longer than anyone else. My skin is always soft and people complement me pretty often on it :) I don't know how my skin will look at the end of my adventure, but I feel like I am giving it the best chance possible. 
I use these, but I only take 2, the bottle recommends 4.
Beef Gelatin
Here's is a Hair Skin and Nail supplement that I would like to try! HairFluence 
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