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Weight Loss Tips after losing 100 pounds!
Obviously I used Keto to lose this 100 pounds but I have some tips that are not keto specific that should serve well anyone looking to lose a little or a lot of weight!
Tip: Just because you have tried 15 different diets and lifestyle changes doesn't mean the right one isn't out there. There is always hope to find what works best for you!
Tip: Understand that whatever you chose to try, is not going to work if you are just looking for something short term. 2 week diets or workout programs may help you lose some weight, but the minute you go back to your old habits, that weight is going to come back, plus 10 to 20 extra pounds for good measure. 
Tip: Look at a diet, as a new way of life, it's the way you eat. Yes that is a big commitment, but hopefully you have a long life ahead of you and you'll want to make it the most healthy life you can have. 
Tip: Do not let moments of weakness derail your entire journey. We all slip and fall, but you don't have to lay in the mud the rest of your life. Pick yourself up and keep going! Every time you slip keep going back! 
​Tip: Do not let the scale derail your entire journey. You weight fluctuates all day everyday. Just because you are up 5 pounds in a day or in a week, don't freak! 99% of them time it's just a water weight flux! More details: Your weight and the Scale
Tip: Have a rewards system! Not food or clothing based, unless it's your goal weight where you plan to maintain.. Foods may derail your efforts and buying really nice clothes while you are still losing is pretty silly. I personally prefer jewelry! 
I like stainless steel charms bracelets, it's pretty, inexpensive, you can add new rewards as you go, and it's super long lasting! Check out this weight loss charm bracelet!
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