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Why is Keto a High Fat diet?

Would if be better just to cut the fat and the carbs? NO and here's why!

In all honesty there are really only 2 macro nutrients. Only two foods groups your body can not live without. There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate, but you can not live without dietary fat or protein, 

For Many years we were completely lied to about dietary fat! Nearly every single thing we've ever learned about Fat was wrong.

"Since we're all getting fat, It must be the fat."

I guess it should be no surprise that many of these falsehoods bleed over into the ketogenic community. 

Sure avoiding calories and dietary fat may make you slim down quicker, but while many of us are seeking to get slimmer we are also seeking good health. 


There are Scientific reasons to eat your dietary fat.

Keto is a High Fat, Adequate Protein, Very low Carb diet.

Those 75% 20% 5% macros are not only there for those who are already skinny. 

They are a basic guide for Keto period. Now some change up certain macros based on personal need. Some do higher fat. Some do a slightly higher protein version which is still higher in fat they just take the percentage down to about 65% fat, up the protein to 30% and leave their carbs around 5%. Some add a few more carbs than the normal 20 grams per day. And of course some found keto after weight loss surgeries so the amount they can eat must be adjusted to their eating abilities. 

If those things work best for you, Awesome. 


You should not be in starvation ketosis while doing keto. Keto is not a low fat diet and it's not a low calorie diet. Keto automatically puts you in a 200 to 300 caloric deficit without you having to change anything but the types of food you eat. Fat doesn't make you fat, Fat doesn't keep you fat. That is caused by over consumption of unhealthy carbs which makes you store body fat. 


Some folks think, "well I have body fat so I should make this a low fat diet as well as a low carb diet" but there are serious pit falls in this logic. Just the same as a high fat / high carb diets are dangerous so is a low fat / low carb diet.


There are many vitamins and minerals you Need to survive and keep all your body functioning properly. Your body can't produce these so they must be gotten in other ways.


There are fat soluble vitamins that your body either doesn't make enough of or doesn't making any of at all.

Vitamin A

Keeps your Immune System intact and Eye sight functioning properly.

Vitamin D deficiency is link to 

Breast, colon, and prostate cancers. heart disease, depression, auto immune disease, weakened bones in children and adults. Plus Tons more. 

Vitamin E

Helps Eye sight, it's anti inflammatory, aids in healing wounds, Keeping the skin soft, cancer prevention. Reduces the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. 

Vitamin K

Moves calcium to the bones and teeth away from the joints and arteries. You need it for proper Blood clotting and bone metabolism. 

Essential fatty acids.

Your body can not create Omega 3 or Omega 6 fatty acids, these must be consumed. 

Nearly 99% of all American's are deficient in Omega 3's. Your brain is 60% fat. Most of that is made up of Omega 3. Your brain needs this for there to be communications between cells. It boosts your cognitive functions, your ability to learn, understand, and your memory. Omega 3's are also important to your muscles which are important to your overall health.

Being deficient in Omaga 3's cause depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.


Eating the right fats stimulate your metabolism and fat burning abilities.


What are the right fats? 

Good Quality Beef, Chicken, Fish like mackerel, salmon, and herring, and other animal meats and fat.

Oils like Olive, Avocado, Coconut oil. 

Avocados, Real butter, Ghee, and More. 


You should never chose low fat foods over their higher fat counterparts. When they remove the fat they remove the nutrition and usually add carbohydrates and unhealthy fillers. 


Healthy fats amp up your metabolism, kill hunger, rev up fat burning, reduces your risk of heart disease, and cleans up your cholesterol profile which is one of the biggest building blocks of your brain and body. 


Even on keto we are not immune to a slowed metabolism. Eating low calorie too long lowers your metabolism, prevents to body from accessing the proper amount of vitamins and minerals, and causes mental disturbances. 

And no lie, your hair will fall out if you are consistently low in calories, protein, and minerals like Zinc. 

Eating a low calorie diet consistently will also lead to eating disorders when we should be seeking to not only to slim down but to also build a healthy relationship with food and better our health in the long term. 


Falling a little short of your macros from time to time or intentionally fasting every once in a while is completely fine, but these things should not be constant. 


Eating the right fats make you leaner and healthier and these fats should not be avoided simply to become skinnier faster. 


Unhealthy fats include things like vegetable oils and soybean oils, and most oils used in fast food places. Use caution when consuming these as they offer no health benefits and can be inflammatory which is a risk factor in most all disease.  

Tell me about Keto and Protein (coming soon) 

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